In today's day and age, much of the public image of fraternities come from sources highlighting the negative actions of individual chapters, e.g., hazing. At Zeta Rho, we do things differently. We never have and never will tolerate hazing under any circumstance and instead focus our time and resources on helping your son become a better man. In addition, we put a high value on scholarship, philanthropy, and personal-wellness, which we believe will all contribute to building better men much more effectively than the outdated and appalling traditions that have often led fraternities to be painted with a negative stroke. On this page you will find information to help you get a better idea of what your son will experience as a new member in our chapter and the expectations of him during the new member process, as well as a letter from our Marshal and President.

Expectations of a New Member:

1. Excellence in Academics - Your son will be expected to maintain a G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher throughout the course of the new member education period and beyond. We promise to assist with any struggles so that your son will meet and exceed benchmarks.

2. Service and Philanthropy - In addition to an emphasis on scholarship, our Fraternity motto is "an assisting hand". Your son will learn firsthand just how important it is to serve not only his brothers but the campus and community as a whole. Through a wide range of opportunities such as Habitat for Humanity, Junior Achievement, and NAMI, we will help instill a passion for service.

3. Brotherhood - We expect more than anything else that your son builds and experiences a strong sense of brotherhood while participating in our New Member process. This is what is at the core of everything Theta Chi stands for and accomplishes. We look out for each other throughout our time at UK and after we leave Lexington. Your son is no exception.

A letter from the Marshal and President:


Unfortunately many fraternities have a bad reputation when it comes to their new member programs, and thus the issue of hazing must be discussed. Here at Zeta Rho, we have a strict zero tolerance policy in regard to hazing. Zeta Rho was created with the ideals of respect in mind, and we believe that degrading a future brother will cause rifts and cliques within the fraternity. Our founding brothers wanted to create an environment that encourages growth and instills respect in its members, not one that creates fear. This is why being a new chapter on UK's campus is one of the biggest advantages Zeta Rho has, as it has allowed us to create a program that has no preconceived ideas or traditions related to hazing. This strict no-hazing policy is one of the foundations that this chapter was started on, and we firmly believe that creating such a culture and holding ourselves to a higher standard will allow our chapter to stand out on campus for years to come.

Blane Hornung, President

Blake Swaidner, Marshal

Important Contacts:

For general questions, Blane Hornung, President -

For questions on the New Member Process, Blake Swaidner, Marshal -

For financial concerns (dues, etc.), Ryan Smith, Treasurer -