We believe when fraternity is done right, it is the single most fulfilling and rewarding endeavor one can take part in.

If you are an individual seeking something greater than yourself with the desire to become a better student, leader, and man, we encourage you to give our chapter a look. The Zeta Rho chapter of Theta Chi is committed to pushing young men to become the best versions of themselves, to discover the ideal behind what we call 'the assisting hand', and to create an unbreakable bond of brotherhood that continues to hold each other accountable in the classroom, on the field, and in the real world that lasts a lifetime. At Zeta Rho, we strive for nothing less than excellence in every imaginable capacity. From philanthropy events to intramural sports and everything in between, our chapter continues to dominate the competition. If you're interested in joining the best brotherhood and most successful fraternity on this campus, examine our Rush Schedule below and come let our brothers show you why you want to Rush Theta Chi.


"Pledging Theta Chi was the most rewarding and profound experience of my life. It wasn't always easy, but the lessons I've learned, the brothers I've made, and the opportunities I've been given from joining this chapter are invaluable. It's honestly the best decision I've ever made."               -Brother Joey Scaggs (Iota Pledge Class, Fall '15)

"When I rushed in the spring, I had a few friends that were in Theta Chi and knew its where I wanted to rush. They really impressed me during rush week and I actually felt like they were interested in me as a person, the other big name fraternities didn't try to get to know you like Theta Chi's did, you could tell that they were a lot more genuine. When I accepted my bid I didn't know what I was getting into. Pledging was a lot of work, but it all meant something, and I never looked back. Theta Chi has had such a positive impact on my life.The bonds you form in this brotherhood  are unbreakable and push you to be a better man. My best and closest friends now aren't even the friends I knew coming in, but new brothers I met along the way." -Brother John-Ross Gribbins (Kappa Pledge Class, Spring '16)

"Coming from Denver, I came to UK not knowing a single person. I wanted to join a fraternity to meet new guys. Theta Chi was the last house I checked out, and within the first couple minutes of being there, I knew this is where I wanted to be. I'm so grateful to have found a brotherhood like this. I feel more at home here than I do in Colorado." -Brother Mikey Bealer (Lambda Pledge Class, Fall '16)

"I rushed in the Spring because I didn't think a fraternity was for me. My impression of fraternities coming into college was just a bunch of guys getting drunk and letting their GPA's tank. My roommate convinced me to rush in the spring just to give it a chance, and I was blown away when I walked into Theta Chi's room on WhiteHall night. They pulled me aside and told me all the amazing things their chapter was doing and why I wanted to be here. I felt like other fraternities made you impress them, where Theta Chi went out of there way to impress you. It's the only place I went the rest of the week. I was sold." -Brother D'Andrey Miller (Mu Pledge Class, Spring '17)


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Monday 1/22: White Hall Night from 7pm-10pm @ White Hall Classroom Building

Tuesday 1/23: White Hall Night from 7pm-10pm @ White Hall Classroom Building

Wednesday 1/24: Open House from 7pm-10pm @ Pi Phi House

Thursday 1/25: Open House from 7pm-10pm @ Chapter House, 163 East Maxwell Street (Behind Blazer Hall)

Friday 1/26: Open House from 7pm-10pm @ Chapter House

Saturday 1/27: Bid Day- Bids go out starting at 9am


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the rush process.

Daniel W. Segal, Executive Vice President of Recruitment: 502-775-9821 or danielsegal5@gmail.com

D'Andrey Miller, Recruitment Chair: 808-859-0374 or dtmi22@uky.edu

Brothers and Rushees socializing over Raising Cane's chicken and Insomnia Cookies during Spring Rush 2015.

Brothers and Rushees socializing over Raising Cane's chicken and Insomnia Cookies during Spring Rush 2015.